Baxter Media Wraps Up #TravelWebcastWeek

As Canada’s travel industry inches towards reopening, there are still more questions than answers. When will travel restrictions be loosened? What new protocols are destinations putting in place to keep everyone safe?

In search for answers to these and other questions, Baxter Media hosted #TravelWebcastWeek, a series of live webcasts that ran from June 23 through 25, exploring the future of travel and tourism in a post-COVID-19 world. An impressive roster of experts from around the travel industry arrived ready to discuss the topics, trends, and issues that matter most to Canadian travel agents and industry professionals in these turbulent times.

Each day of #TravelWebcastWeek focused on a different theme. Each day’s session included a Q+A with a prominent industry expert, followed by a panel discussion, before wrapping up with a fascinating case study. At the end of each segment, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists and be answered in real time.

If you happened to miss it, don’t worry! Recordings of all three sessions can be accessed below:

DAY ONE | Destinations: Where, When, How

DAY TWO | Hotel How-to: Shifting marketing efforts to attract local clientele, promote safety, and engage with agents

DAY THREE | Look Local: A new perspective on packaging and selling Canada

Also, July 8th will mark the first installment of #TravelWebcastWednesday. All travel professionals are welcome to register!

#TravelWebcastWednesday: Selling Luxury