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November 27, 2017



Toronto | (H) 416-234-9908 |



Dear Hiring Manager,

I am an ambitious and accomplished travel professional with over 20 years of experience. I possess exemplary customer skills, and I am an excellent communicator and a motivated team player. You will note from the enclosed resume that my background and experience parallels the position of Transportation and Reservationist Specialist with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

I am accustomed to dealing with top-tier clients with their travel requests that often involved difficult and multi-segmented travel. Throughout my career, I was responsible for maintaining client confidentiality and maintaining the security of client’s personal data.  I have earned numerous customer service awards and retained a large number of repeat clientele due to my superior customer service skills, attention to detail and professional attitude. I am prepared for a position offering me new opportunities and fresh challenges.  I can bring my strong interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, and strong problem-solving skills. To illustrate:

I am a team player that is very familiar with Sabre, as well as reservations systems outside  the Global Distribution System (GDS) such as West-Jet and the Air Canada travel agent portal and I regularly mentored new employees as to my extensive knowledge and experience that ensured that new employees were properly prepared to do their job in an effective manner.  I was often the go-to employee within my department.

I was able to adequately and properly respond to clients inquiries concerning their travel and provide accurate flight and fare information that included class restrictions, penalty stipulations and other necessary terms and conditions.

I would, on a regular basis, make reservations with both contracted and non-contracted hotels both online or with the hotel directly when required. I would also follow up with both clients and suppliers in the event of a no-show and work with both parties to mitigate any potential losses to both the client and company.

I am a good communicator which resulted in client’s trust and they would, therefore, deal solely with myself.  My clients spoke highly of my professional attitude and attention to detail. I was able to work effectively with both suppliers and co-worker and ensure that clients invoices were correct and ensure that they were properly advised of travel documentation as per TICO. I have had past clients reach out to me to advise me that my service was exemplary.

My strong problem-solving skills allowed me to assist a client that was booked into the wrong hotel. I was able to work with both the customer and supplier, solve the issue in a professional manner which resulted in a happy customer while saving the company hundreds of dollars.

These are but a few highlights.  I have a strong understanding of the importance of maintaining data integrity, exemplary customer service skills, a dedicated team player, solid problem-solving skills and a proven ability to motivate others.  If my qualifications meet a need in your organization, I would appreciate a personal meeting.  I can be reached at (416) 234-9908. Thank you for your interest and consideration.  I look forward to your reply.




Christine Krawec



Toronto, On. 416-234-9908,


Dedicated Senior Travel Executive offering more than 20 years experience in the travel industry, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the luxury travel market. Possesses strong interpersonal skills, extensive knowledge and superior customer service skills and the ability to harvest high value, high revenue repeat clientele.  Applies university degree in psychology to understand and anticipate customer needs and de-escalate customer complaints and concerns.


Professional Experience


Senior Travel Executive

-Responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of clients personal credit card information as well as their travel bookings and requests.
-Responsible for ensuring that clients documents were correct, advising them of terms and conditions as per TICO for their travel bookings, for air, hotel and rail reservations which prevented monetary losses to the company.
-Make changes to clients reservations, when required, for air, hotel and rail bookings.
-Ensure that clients special medical requests such as oxygen, wheelchair accessibility and stand-up showers with both the airline and hotel which prevented any possible escalations, customer dissatisfaction and monetary losses to the company.
-Arrange and coordinate travel for clients using Sabre as well as independent hotel, air, and rail systems outside of the Global Distribution System.
-Monitor both my and the team Sabre queue to ensure that any problem files were flagged and reconciled and advise clients of any airline changes which prevented a client from missing their flight or a misconnection which resulted in an informed and prepared client.
-Use both the Air Canada and Westjet travel agent portal to make reservations and changes as well book flight passes, when required.
-Worked with suppliers to ensure that customers travel requests met their expectations, and, when a problem arose was able to work with the supplier to ensure that their concerns were addressed resulting in a positive customer experience.
-Was able to address and solve a client’s escalation when they were booked into the wrong hotel and managed to save the company thousands of dollars while addressing the client’s concerns resulting in a happy client.
-Mastery of superior customer service and problem-solving skills which resulted in the harvesting of a good number of repeat, high-value customers that remained loyal both to the company and to myself.
-Provided consultation and mentoring to new employees and was able to ensure that they were well prepared and confident in dealing with a wide variety of customers.  I was often the go-to employee within my department.
-Ensure that clients received their Westjet travel discount, as per contract.
-Achieved the yearly revenue target of $75,000 in sales within 7 months and exceeded the refer to a friend target which were two of the most important components of the job and this contributed towards the success of my department.

LOYALTY ONE, Toronto 2013 – 2006

Senior Travel Consultant

-Responsible for servicing top-tier clients with their travel requests that included arranging for all aspects of their travel requests.
-Responsible for ensuring that clients documents were correct, advising them of terms and conditions as per TICO for their travel bookings.
-Book difficult and multi-segment travel for clients resulting in increased revenue for the company and satisfied clients.
-Provide clients with details on how they could earn additional Airmiles resulting in satisfied customers while maximizing company profits
-Achieved million dollars in revenue for the company in 2012 as well as earning KUDOS for providing exemplary customer service on numerous occasions resulting in repeat clientele and, thereby, improving the bottom line.
ITRAVEL2000, Toronto 2002 – 2006

Senior Travel Consultant

-Book vacations for clients including air, hotel, cruises and all-inclusive vacations.
-Provided clients with exemplary customer service which resulted in repeat clientele thereby increasing company profits and satisfied clients.
-Ensure that clients are provided with the proper travel documents, insurance, and travel visas, as per TICO, preventing escalations and dissatisfied clients saving the company from any potential lawsuits.
-Reported to management a case of potential fraud that could have resulted in the company losing thousands of dollars.
Achieved various targets in revenue and insurance which maximized company profits.

From 1994 to 2002 held a number of travel positions.  At Sears Travel, helped open up a new branch office which provided me with the knowledge and obstacles of opening up a new branch office.  While at Sears became familiar with the Global Matrix Accounting system. While at the Ultimate Travel Brokers arranged for client’s vacations using Apollo and Leisure Link and provided customers with exemplary customer service.  While at the Last Minute Club gained invaluable stress management and problem-solving skills.
Education and Professional Development

BA, Psychology, York University

TICO certified

Technical Skills & Languages:

Sabre, GDS, familiar with Apollo