Rebranding in the Travel Industry

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Rebranding is something that business owners in the travel and tourism industry sometimes overlook, but keeping the look and feel of your brand fresh and current can help propel your company’s image into the spotlight.

However, the process involves more than just updating your logo. By changing your company’s mission statement, revamping the official website, and launching a new campaign putting key messages front and centre, a successful rebranding effort can renew the whole look and feel of a company’s online persona. Some argue that it is necessary to undergo this type of brand overhaul on a regular basis, or at least every few years.

Here are a few notable rebrands in the travel and tourism industry that are worth reading up on:

1) Intrepid Travel:

2) Love the Way You Travel:

3) Hyatt Hotels:

4) Klook:

5) Portland, Oregon:

What are your thoughts on the idea of familiar names in the travel industry undergoing a brand overhaul? Don’t be shy – Leave a comment below!

By Dan McDonald

Dan is a Sales and Marketing Development Associate and Webinar Host at Baxter Media. He majored in Communications (CCIT) at the University of Toronto.