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It’s easy, fast and effective!

  • Immediately post jobs on-line
  • Update, or delete any advertised position at any time 
  • Have resumes emailed directly to you
  • Gain extra exposure by including your logo
  • Be permanently listed on the employer’s profile page featuring address, email, contact name, and a direct link to your web site
  • Get a free listing on TravelBestJobs when placing any size ad in Travel Courier

  RATE CARD  TravelBestJobs
$85.00 per week /per listing with logo linked to your website
$135.00 Include video content - sample
$3500.00 per year/unlimited number of postings on the web site

Company Logo featured on employer’s profile page and with every job posting – one time $60 set-up fee.
For more information or to
   book space,
contact us.



Print & Internet Package - TravelBestJobs & Travel Courier Classifieds
Place any size ad in Travel Courier Classifieds
(click here for the rate card and issue dates)
Two weeks on travelbestjobs.com with purchase of any print ad
$3960.00 per year/unlimited number of postings on the web site plus one 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 ad per week in the Travel Courier Classifieds.

If you would like to post your job on travelbestjobs.com,
please contact us at

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